Playing For Real Money At The Online Casino – Hints And Tips

You want to start playing real money games in online casinos? Here are a few hints and tips to make sure you pay attention to before playing for real money on the Internet.

1. Find a good casino from

No matter how many strategy articles you read, or how good you are at lowering the house advantage by playing the perfect game – the most important decision you make before playing for real money at all is choosing the right casino.

There are hundreds of different casino operators on the net. Most of them are good, some even outstanding. But there are also sites that strictly discourage playing for real money. Choosing a bad casino can be costly in many ways, as you may end up waiting months for your payout to be processed, or where you are trapped in a customer service hell where no one ever answers your emails or calls.

This is where we come in. We have tested all the major casinos on the market and eliminated all bad operators. So we can give you a list of solid, reputable online casinos to choose from. You can relax and know that you have definitely chosen one of the best casinos for real money gaming.

What do we look for in our reviews?

When we test online casinos, we look for everything relevant to real money gaming. We pay special attention to these factors:

  • Security: Can you trust the casino operator? If you play for real money in an online casino, you have to deposit it at the casino. It is important that the operators handle the money responsibly and pay it out in the end. That’s why we place great emphasis on ensuring the security of players’ deposits at all times.
  • Fairness: Are the games fair? We have tested all casinos – as far as we could – for the fairness of the games. If every number in roulette has the same frequency, if the dice in craps roll at the right frequency, the payouts in the slots are correct – these questions are important when playing with money. We have only included casinos in our list that guarantee that the games are fair and the payout rates are right.
  • Seriosity: How serious is the provider? When you deposit your money into an online casino, you don’t want the money to end up on a small South Sea island, where a server runs a small, maybe or maybe not fair casino where you don’t have any legal control. Therefore we have paid attention to the fact that the casinos recommended by us are all operated in Europe, have a license within the European Union and are regularly tested by at least one independent company for fairness.
  • Fast payouts: If you deposit real money at a casino, this goes with almost all payment methods immediately. It looks different however with the payouts. Here all casinos take themselves first times a little time and examine the player, in particular, if it is the first payout. With a little delay one must count and live. But we have made sure that the casinos we recommend process real money payouts within a short period of time. This means – for most payout methods – a period of 5 working days.
  • Good payout rates: As a player you want to play as long as possible with your stake. This is especially true if you don’t play for play money, but for real money. If you go into the Daddelhalle next door, you will find slot machines with payout odds of only 60%. This means that, in the long run, 40 cents remain in the machine for every euro deposited. Per game. Of course you get rid of your money within a very short time and have no realistic chances of winning. We have only included casinos in our list that have very good payout rates and whose games on average at least 95% (sometimes up to 99.5%) pay out again. This is the only way to make gambling fun in the long run.

What are the best casinos?

After we have explained the most important criteria of our selection, here is the list of the best online casinos we have tested that offer real money gambling:

2. Registering with a casino

Creating an account in an online casino is usually very easy. When you click “Sign In” or “Register” on a casino’s website, you will be taken to a registration form page where you can open an account. The casino requires some information to register, such as your name and address if applicable.

If you want to play for real money, you will also need to provide proof of identity. A photographed ID or driver’s license is usually sufficient. It may be that the casino does not require such proof until you wish to cash out, but legally such proof of identity is required for casino games with real money in almost all jurisdictions.

Achtung: Players under the age of 18 may not play for real money. It is not allowed to register as a minor in casinos and even if you manage to do so, the casino will require proof of identity at the latest at the time of payment. In the case of underage play, the casino will close the account and retain all funds.

3. Take a bonus with you

On the first deposit (sometimes even the first few deposits) almost every casino gives a proper bonus. We have negotiated with some casinos exclusive bonuses for our readers.

Many of our exclusive bonuses have been negotiated directly with the casino rooms to ensure that you receive the best possible bonuses. Due to our position and reputation in the industry, we can offer you much better bonuses than you could ever get directly from the casinos themselves. While some casinos have excellent software and other features (which we always highlight in all casino reports), most online casinos are basically similar. For example, popular casino games such as Blackjack, Online, Baccarat, Craps and more, together with the software used by online casinos, are often so similar that the real (and sometimes the only) differentiator between two casinos are the bonuses they offer players.

These bonuses are available:

Signup Bonus

Online Casino Signup Bonuses (or Welcome Bonuses), can earn you a lot of money if the wagering requirements are met. You will receive a very substantial bonus when you sign up at a casino. Basically, the most important thing to keep in mind when playing for real money is that sign-up bonuses are usually awarded to players who have completed the registration process and made a deposit. Unfortunately, you can only receive this type of bonus once per online casino page. So before you sign up for an online casino site, you should be aware of the choices you make.

Match Bonus

Match Bonus is the most common bonus you will find in a casino. With such a bonus, you will receive a fixed amount of your deposit credited as a bonus. For example, if you deposit 100 Euros and the percentage offered for the match bonus is 300%, you will receive 300 Euros as a bonus. Usually a casino sets a maximum amount for a bonus. A match bonus of 200% / €1,000 means that you get a 200% bonus, but a maximum of €1,000.

loyalty bonus

In general, these types of bonuses are awarded to loyal customers who have played continuously on the same casino website for months or even years. Essentially, these exclusive casino bonuses are used to reward players for earning a certain number of points and advancing in the casino league from e.g. gold member to platinum member. Members also receive a variety of exclusive bonuses depending on their membership status. Common loyalty bonuses are free play bonuses and monthly play bonuses, which are similar to many of the welcome bonuses that players receive when signing up at a new casino.

no deposit bonuses

Sometimes you may want to test the water a little before choosing a particular online casino. And luckily, today you’ll also find a number of no-deposit casinos where you can play for real money without making a deposit. One such free money bonus is one that you can get at these casinos when you sign up. In this case, an initial deposit is not required. However, if you are interested in this type of bonus, you should take the time to read the small print as the online casino may impose high wagering requirements and irritating withdrawal limits as it offers you a bonus without deposit. Therefore, even if the No Deposit Bonus you are looking at may seem attractive, you may be on the wrong track, especially if you can afford to make your first real money deposit.

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free play bonuses

free play bonuses are unique in that they refer to only one genre of games, the online slots. Free play bonuses are usually offered to players when there is a slot tournament or when the casino wants to increase interest in a particular game. Casinos offer customers the opportunity to play the game, have some free spins and see what the game looks like. Again, before accepting a free spins bonus, you should read the small print, as some of these bonuses are only applicable for a certain number of spins or a certain period of time and others limit the maximum winnings.

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4. Deposit of real money in the casino

You have chosen a casino, you have registered, you have found a suitable bonus – wonderful, now you only have to deposit a little real money.

The casinos offer you numerous possibilities. You can deposit via credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), E-Wallets (Neteller, Skrill), bank transfers (Sofortüberweisung, Instant Banking), Paypal or Paysafecard.

Fees are usually not incurred when depositing and with almost all methods the money is visible within the shortest time in your casino account and can be used.

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