Crown Employees Threaten With Strike

It seems as if the Crown Resorts in Australia are not going to settle down for the time being. Just a few weeks ago, the country’s media made serious accusations that the company was involved in money laundering and cooperation with illegal providers from Asia. Now the trouble can be found internally at the resorts. Already on Friday a first warning strike of the employees was implemented for a period of two hours. If the company does not make any concessions in the collective bargaining, further strikes are likely to follow. And the timing in particular is extremely dangerous for the Crown Resorts.

No agreement after tough negotiations

The Crown Resorts in Melbourne are currently demanded on several “construction sites”. After the company came into the focus of investigations only a few weeks ago due to accusations by the media, there are now internal problems that are causing headlines. Already more than six months ago tariff negotiations between the employees and the enterprise were initiated. Successes could not be achieved so far. On the contrary: The negotiations are regarded as failed, which has now caused the employees to go on strike.

Round 1.00 employees of the Crown Resort in Melbourne laid down their work for the first time on Friday for a period of two hours. It was also kept open to further strikes in the future. In addition, the employees reported that they did not want to serve alcoholic beverages on weekends for 24 hours. This step, in turn, is likely to result in a significant drop in sales for the employer.

Victoria Derby Day is actually supposed to become a festive day

The employees of the casino are supported by the United Voice trade union, which apparently chose the exact time for the strike. After all, the so-called Melbourne Cup week takes place these days, which is heralded by the Victoria Derby Day . In the region the event is a superlative equestrian event and attracts many people to the casino in Melbourne. Actually this is for the enterprise a true feast day, at which partly 300,000 humans in the Casino are to be found. Therefore each Kraft is needed with the coworkers – and exactly here trade union and employees would like to meet the enterprise probably particularly. Already in the apron the Casino was pointed out by the trade union on the fact that the strike can affect considerably the conversion on the running days. These words are now followed by deeds. In addition, the union publicly announced that visitors wouldn’t be well advised to attend any Crown Resort events , as the lack of staff could lead to delays or other problems. “The amount of money Crown will lose as a result of this strike exceeds the amount for which employees are currently negotiating,” the union said.

Employees are demanding better pay and better job security

However, what exactly is collective bargaining between the union and the company about? Of course, one factor is the pay of the employees. Employees want to be better paid for their services. Also in view of the fact that the numbers of the casino have steadily improved in recent years. In addition, the employees also insist on more secure working conditions. As it is called, should put approximately 70 per cent of the employees only in part-time or casual working conditions . For Tim Kennedy, the Secretary General at United Voice, this is an intolerable situation and at the same time a violation of the law. After all Crown would have to ensure due to its monopoly license in Victoria that a certain number at firm jobs is present. According to the union, this agreement would not be kept. Kennedy explains that employees have a major share in the company’s success , but do not benefit from it. Instead, many of the employees only live from week to week and sometimes even have to take on additional jobs to make ends meet.

Crown counters union accusations

If Crown casinos are involved, the union’s accusations do not correspond to the fact. A spokeswoman instead stated that more than 80 per cent of the employees were employed on a permanent basis. In addition, flexible working time models would be made available for employees who only want to work part-time. If a coworker should want to work gladly more, one would strive as enterprises to realize this desire, so the spokeswoman further. It doesn’t sound as if the company wants to rethink its own position. For this case the trade union already announced to let the strike continue Streik so long run , as this is necessary.

Good possible that the Casino giant decides however faster for giving in than up-to-date still imaginable. The reason for this are the mentioned building sites, on which the enterprise has to do. Recently the Resorts provided for example for headlines, after an NBA professional with its friends raised discrimination reproaches against these. In a group of several persons, only the coloured persons are said to have been inspected. The accusations of various Australian media, however, are much more serious. These accuse the Crown Resorts of cooperating with illegal Asian Junket Operators , who are said to have brought wealthy Asians into the casino. In this context, there are also allegations of money laundering and bribery of parts of the immigration authorities. As if all that were not yet enough, also a possible sale of Crown shares stands again on the test stand. The casino mogul Lawrence Ho from Hong Kong actually wanted to take over this. The authorities however examine a possible Deal again thoroughly. Ho is repeatedly accused of cooperating with the Chinese mafia. And the Australian gambling authorities would like to keep them away from their own market.