The Bonus Abusers

You have certainly already noticed it: If you give the population certain privileges, then there are always people who abuse them. This is human nature. Nobody can do anything about it. It seems as if no area is spared. Surely you know an example. For us, online casinos are a huge playground where all kinds of players cavort. Sometimes, therefore, we can find behaviour that does not respect the casinos’ code of honour: abuse of bonuses. You don’t know what that means? We explain it to you.

What the casinos regard as bonus abuse

If you would play in a terrestrial casino, then you could never, but really never expect the casino to provide you with free money to play with. With online casinos, on the other hand, this practice is common practice. In our opinion, the normal reaction of a player would be to continue playing normally or to increase the value of the stakes.

But unfortunately there are players who are so-called bonus abusers who pursue other goals:

  • First of all, this type of player always chooses the highest bonuses, the welcome bonuses or the free bonuses.
  • In 80% of cases, they do not hesitate to set up multiple accounts to benefit from the welcome bonus several times. This is forbidden.
  • If a bonus abuser has managed to get a great bonus, then he will show a strange behavior, which consists in making only the lowest possible bets until he has finally fulfilled the number of minimum bets. Even if it takes several days, he won’t be discouraged. If he has met the turnover requirements, he can place higher stakes. The problem for players who abuse the bonuses is that online casinos can easily locate them, which means that they can make higher bets until they have reached a level that is acceptable to them and where the payout is worthwhile. Once they are in their line of fire, online casinos ensure that they do not get away undamaged.

    The sanctions imposed

    No online casino wants a bonus abuser on its side. If a bonus abuser has been identified, the following process will take place:

    • The player will receive a warning from the casino stating that his behaviour is not that of a “respectable” player. Then the player should better stop this behaviour.
    • If he continues like this the casino can block his bonuses, i.e. the player is excluded from promotions until he makes another deposit and plays without a bonus.
    • If the player then still does not follow the advice of the casino, then the casino can simply block the player and close his account.

    Play fair

    If you as a player use such a bonus, then you should always keep in mind that the casinos offer you an incredible chance. You should therefore try to protect them instead of abusing them.


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