Xmarkets Review

With XMarkets it concerns a young offer for the Trading in the Internet. The offerer places beside the trade with binary options also the Forex trade to the order and can be called thus versatile approach place. At the same time it concerns with XMarkets also one of the most well-known brokers on the market. All the more interesting is an exact view of the Portfolio, which we threw in our following XMarkets test on the offerer in our which.

As in each other industry also, there are with on-line Trading some offerers, who cannot be called respectable and safe. These enterprises should not be headed for, because here the Trader can never rely on a healthy net yield. XMarkets offers several protection mechanisms and is supervised besides by the responsible authorities of its homeland. This provider can therefore be described as absolutely secure, which is underlined once again by the required license.

Our experience at a glance

As already mentioned at the beginning, XMarkets focuses on binary options trading and forex trading. Trading is done on a powerful platform, which can be used without prior software download. All traders have to do is open their own trading account, which can be set up within a few moments. Once this is done, deposits can be made and trading can begin. It is certainly good to know that all sensitive information is protected by 128 bit SSL encryption and that traders never have to worry about their data. We have had good experience with the portfolio, which is very versatile in binary options and forex trading. Also convincing is the fact that a learning area is made available for the newcomers and that all traders can stock up on relevant news in the news section. In things customer service the offerer submits likewise decent aspects and makes the contact possible for example by telephone, live Chat or E-Mail.

XMarkets check: Fraud or not?

The homeland of XMarkets are the Marshall Islands. The supplier works accordingly with a license of the local authorities, which can already be called the strongest proof of seriousness. The responsible authorities monitor the portfolio at all times and ensure that it is a fair offer. In addition, the broker protects his traders with SSL encryption, for example, which protects all sensitive information. For example, whenever a trader makes an investment or enters information in a form, it is protected with SSL encryption. The consequence for the trader’s data is that it is always transmitted securely and cannot be viewed by criminals, for example. Hidden fees or the like are also not to be found on the website, so that XMarkets fraud can be ruled out in all respects.

Overview of the XMarkets offer

XMarkets enables trading via a powerful and reliable platform offered for the browser. Traders do not need to download any software, but can start trading directly in their browser. For this the decision between the binary options and the Forex market must be met first of all, because both possibilities are available in the portfolio of the offerer.

Binary options

To the trade with binary options belong with the offerer different possibilities. For example, different currency pairs are available, which can be traded according to market time. These include AUD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD USD/CHF or USD/JPY. In addition, traders with binary options can also trade commodities. These include oil, natural gas, copper, gold and silver. Indices such as the DAX, the CAC 40, the Nasdaq, the Nikkei 225 or the SP 500 are also tradable. The provider mainly focuses on majors, which applies equally to all binary options. Minors are again less to be found here. The range of binary options is rounded off by equities, which primarily include the securities of large corporations such as Apple, Exxon Mobil, Google and JPMorgan. Various tools are available for trading, and a chart analysis, an order book and even a video analysis are offered at the same time. With the integrated calculator, traders can also have a few interesting values ejected for trading.


All about forex trading at the provider can be said that this is also made available in an attractive variety. Trading is not only open to private individuals, but is also offered to companies. Fees for the trade in the form of transaction costs, which depend on the respective trade price, require. A plus point: Traders can use a lever in Forex trading and thereby significantly increase their potential return. Newcomers and inexperienced traders are not advised to use leverage.

Bonus: The “fat years” are over

In fact, an XMarkets bonus was found in the broker’s portfolio for a long time. This was made available for the new traders and promised them an additional credit when entering the trade. However, this offer is now no longer available, so that a bonus or similar is waived. If this should once again find its way into the portfolio, we will of course also thoroughly check the XMarkets bonus.

Inputs and withdrawals

The deposits and withdrawals are one of the most exciting areas for traders when it comes to looking at a broker portfolio. After all the traders must bring first of all a certain investment on their account, at the same time the net yield is to land naturally also surely again in the own purse. It is good to know that all transactions are protected by SSL encryption. No sensitive information is transmitted unencrypted, which is why this data is protected against unauthorized access at all times. Traders can use several options to make deposits into their trading account. These include bank transfers, Mastercard and Visa credit cards, Maestro, Skrill and Neteller. It is important to note that a minimum of 250 euros must be deposited. The maximum deposit is 10.000 Euro. Fees are fortunately not charged.

Traders must pay attention to a number of things when paying out from a trading account. First of all, it must be ensured that the account holders have fully verified their identity with the broker. This requires a copy of the identity card, passport or other official document. It also applies that the payout of the yield must always be carried out using the exact method with which the traders have deposited into their account. With credit cards, it is important to ensure that only the maximum amount paid can be paid back to the card. All winnings must then be withdrawn by bank transfer. For withdrawals from the account, a fee of 30 euros is also due when the payment is made to the credit cards. If the transaction should be accomplished by bank transfer, the fee lies with 30 euro and one per cent of the payout sum.

Security Regulation

Already at first sight XMarkets can supply a few good news approximately around the topic security. On the starting side the risk reference for the trade is to be found, which must be to be found with each respectable offerer directly on the Mainpage. Beyond that here naturally primarily the control of the authorities of the Marshall Islands provides for a good feeling, nevertheless these supervise the work of the enterprise at any time. Fraud on the part of the broker can thus be ruled out. In addition, however, the provider also protects its users. They can rely on SSL encryption, which is used for all payment transactions and form entries. This encryption is also used for online banking and guarantees that criminals do not have access to user data at any time. All in all, a good performance in this category.

Customer support

In terms of customer support, our XMarkets experience shows that the provider can’t be accused of much. The customer support is available for example with only one click in the live chat and can answer the questions of the traders here briskly. A bit of a pity, however, is that the support in the chat is not always available in German. In this case the support will be in English. As an alternative to the live chat, the broker offers his traders the opportunity to contact the customer advisors via e-mail and telephone hotline. Fees do not accrue on any of the ways, the E-Mail is connected however with a somewhat longer waiting time. Practical: Already with the description of the subject the Trader can limit their respective request by selection more near.

Who all that is not yet sufficient, is to be recommended additionally a view into the assistance range of the offerer. Here a few elementary things are explained, so that in principle after a short reading directly can be started. The FAQ area is offered in German, which can of course be described as a clear strength. Also strong is the fact that for beginners and even experienced traders there are a few great tools on offer with which they can make their trading much more effective. In the glossary all newcomers will also find an explanation of the most important terms.

User friendliness of the broker

Good XMarket experience we were able to gain with regard to usability. First of all, it is of course an enormous advantage that the homepage is made available in German. Beyond that the young broker pays attention however also very much to an optically responding appearance, which the Trader remembers gladly. The entire web page appears enormously tidy and makes thereby a rapid navigation possible. Exaggerated loading times or similar problems do not occur here, which fortunately also applies to the trading environment itself. The bottom line is that the usability of XMarkets can be described as absolutely first-class.

Mobile App

Exactly as in the regular version for the desktop, the broker also does without a download for his mobile trading apps. First of all, the fact that a mobile XMarkets app is available at all is very positive. This app can be easily opened by the traders calling up the broker’s website with their mobile device. This is displayed in an optimized version and thus enables problem-free access to the entire offer. Disadvantages compared with the regular variant on the computer are not to be felt after our experiences, so that with the mobile offer a genuine alternative can be spoken of.

Fazit: Good offer, particularly for beginners

The Broker XMarkets convinces in the test report particularly with a modern Design and an innovative offer. Not only binary options are traded here, but forex trading is also offered. Traders can trade directly on the web, without having to download additional software – and this also with the mobile app. The portfolio is quite decent, even though the focus here is predominantly on the Minors and some CFD brokers are somewhat better positioned here. All newcomers might play this into the cards however. As well as the large learning area, which the broker makes available to all traders without additional costs. Not completely optimal is the minimum deposit of 250 euro, at the same time the fees for the disbursement are somewhat pitiful. Apart from that, it is a very interesting offer, which according to our impressions should in any case be thoroughly checked by traders. It is quite possible that XMarkets will prove to be the future number one for one or the other trader.