18 Card Tricks To Try Out

You have invited friends to your house on the weekend and want to impress them? Or do you want to be the centre of attention in your favourite pub? It’s very easy to do this with a card trick!

Important for everyone: Distract your viewers, be entertainer and magician at the same time. Have fun trying it out!

Table of contents

1. Jack the Bounty Hunter

For this card trick you need, as always, a deck of 52 cards from which you remove the Jack of clubs and put it aside. Shuffle the deck thoroughly and form two stacks of 15 cards each.

The two stacks are placed in front of you on the table, the remaining cards are set aside. Now ask the spectator to pick up the closest stack somewhere and place the cards next to the stack. The same happens to the other deck.

Now the remaining cards come back into play. The spectator may draw any card from the remaining cards. This “Criminal Card” is shown to everyone and placed on the table.

Jack the Bounty Hunter must now find this criminal. The spectator may now place the criminal card on one of the two piles of spectators. The spectator can then decide which of the two piles of wizards to place on the one with the criminal. Jack is then placed on the remaining wizard pile. Then the remaining pile of spectators is placed. Then the pile with Jack is placed on the one with the criminal card and the deck is complete again.

Next, alternately place two face down cards next to each other on the table. The stack containing Jack continues. Again, place two cards face down next to each other on the table until nothing remains. Again, the pile in which Jack is found continues to be played. This is done until there is only Jack and another card left – et voilà: It is the criminal card.

This card trick of “magicEnglish” can be found on YouTube – Jack of Bounty Hunters

2. Two times two identical cards

Mix the deck carefully so that your viewers don’t think the deck has been manipulated. Now take two cards from the deck and let a spectator split the deck into two piles.

Now, as a card trick professional, turn over the two cards drawn earlier and take two more cards from the piles. The two times two cards fit together!

Shuffle the deck carefully and tell your viewers that you will now take two cards from the deck. Take a close look at the deck, especially at the top and bottom cards. You must remember these two cards. Now take out one card each for the top card and for the bottom card (e.g. for a 6 of spades a 6 of clubs).

Now let a spectator divide the deck into two parts. Then take the first card from the deck that originally lay up and turn it over. Et voila – the cards match yours. Simply flip the second deck over and see: This card also matches one of your previously drawn cards.

A very simple trick, but also suitable for beginners.