Betway: Get Back Up To 25 Euro For Lost Combination Bets

The British bookmaker Betway was founded in 2006 and naturally scores with his experience of over ten years in the industry. Beyond that straight the British representatives of the market are in addition, for their spectacular bonus offers well-known. In particular the football fans come with Betway so correctly at their expense, because the bookmaker offers a Kombiwetten Cashback bonus of up to 25 euro to.

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Wet lost? No problem with the Combi-Cashback

As the name already indicates, only Combi bets are allowed for the British action. Each of the combination bets must consist of at least four bets. In addition, the bets may only include odds on the three-way bets home win, draw and away win with a value of 1.50 or higher. If all these requirements are met, the betting slip automatically participates.

The bonus is only actually active if exactly one bet destroys the win. In this case the insurance will take effect and the stake will be refunded in full up to a sum of 25 Euro. So there is no reason to get angry because of a lost bet on the ticket anymore.

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