Great Britain: New Gambling Association Planned

Standstill is a term that the British gambling industry does not know. If companies don’t make the headlines, it’s the authorities. So it is now. As was communicated, a new gambling federation is to be established. For this the two past federations Remote Gambling Association (RGA) and Association OF British Bookmakers (ABB) are to be united. The new association could be launched in autumn this year and will be called the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC).

Confidence in the sector is to be increased

Although the British gaming market in Europe can be described as one of the most progressive and strictly regulated markets, the British are not yet really satisfied with the industry. There is a lot of gambling, but also regulation. In the future one would like to take here a somewhat other way and provide above all for a better exchange between politics and industry . Therefore, the association Betting and Gaming Council is to be established as the new mouthpiece of the British gaming industry. This is brought together from the past federations of the RGA and ABB, which worry under the new name in the future among other things about the fact that the confidence of the consumers and public is improved into the industry. The task is described essentially with it, the customers a safe and unterhaltsames play experience in the Casinos to offer. As a federation speaker communicated, the standards of the gambling industry are to be again clearly raised by the co-operation. Paul Darling, Chairman of the Association of British Bookmakers, explains:

“I welcome the establishment of the Betting and Gaming Council, as it will enable the exchange of practices across the industry and will significantly increase innovation opportunities for even safer gaming offerings.”

When behaving correctly: Support for licensees

Darling told the British trade press that all companies with a license from Great Britain wanted to make membership in the association possible. The companies could then rely on the support of the association at any time, but would have to adhere to different guidelines. In this way it is to be ensured that the standards already mentioned can be kept by the industry durably. It is not yet clear how many companies will ultimately become members of the association. Darling expects that around 90 percent of the country’s gaming providers will apply for membership . Already now the network of the federations RGA and ABB covers approximately 100 gambling enterprises. It is unclear besides still, when exactly the new federation will take up its work. If it goes after the planners, this is to happen however as fast as possible. After all RGA and ABB were dissolved at least theoretically already. With optimal process a start is aimed at in the autumn of this year .

Brigid Simmonds is to lead the fate

An interesting Personalie can show the new federation already now. To the point is set here Brigid Simmonds, which could make already several times attentive in the past years approximately around the maintenance industry on itself. Thus Simmonds was active for example long time in the skin committee of sport England and used itself there for a larger interest in sporty activities. Simmonds was also active in the lottery panel before taking over 2009 the top of the British Beer Pub Association . Particularly with regard to the British gambling industry, it is also relevant that Simmonds is a trustee of the player protection organisation GambleAware. Bottom line an optimal and at the same time logical occupation, which was distinguished 2006 due to its earnings in the sport sector as Officerin of the British Empire. Simmonds herself stated in the context of her appointment as BGC leader:

“I look forward to joining the Betting and Gaming Council as its first chair. The gaming industry makes an enormous contribution to the leisure industry and the economy. However, there are also critical issues facing the sector.

Simmonds emphasises that this is not about bans on offers, but instead about promoting a global, safe industry. These tones arrive well. There was positive feedback for example from John Coates, who is active as CEO with the gambling giant bet365. Coates explained that Simmonds has done an excellent job in the past and can definitely drive the industry forward. “It will try to address together all the challenges we face as an industry,” said Coates.

General unrest “on the island”

In time, the introduction of the new association may not necessarily be a coincidence. In recent weeks and months the critical voices towards the industry have increased in many cases. The Labour politician Tom Watson, for example, called for the introduction of a new ombudsman who would act as a link between the sector and industry in the future. Also, several politicians are demanding that that licenses issued lose their validity after 2014. Instead, companies should reapply for these licenses and be subjected to a close scrutiny. The introduction of stricter regulatory standards is also planned.

The effects of the numerous regulatory requirements are already noticeable in the industry. The gambling provider William Hill recently announced that that one would have to close numerous betting offices in the country . Here too, the Group blames the authorities for their drastic regulatory measures. Specifically, this concerns the so-called fixed odds betting terminals. These are not regarded as slot machines and were therefore subject to much more relaxed legal requirements for many years. In the meantime, this has changed and players, for example, can only bet a maximum of two pounds per round instead of 100 pounds. For companies, this is associated with horrendous losses in turnover, which in many cases – as with William Hill now – lead to closures.