1×2-Bet Review

1×2-bet is a provider who perhaps does not have a very high degree of awareness, but who has nevertheless been active in the scene since 2001. Those who stay that long must also have something to offer: 1×2-bet can fall back on a good selection of sports bets from different sports. Beyond that there are also still further offers, from which the customer can select. One of the most important points is however the fact that it approaches with this offerer surely and respectably. Fraud and Abzocke have here due to the regulation and strict editions no chances. 1×2-bet maintains both in Curacao and in Greece a company headquarters and appropriate licenses.

Our experiences in the overview

With 1×2-bet it is noticeable that one is very safe as a customer here on the way. The reason for this is the licensing. The provider belongs to Eldorado Sportwetten GmbH NV and is not only regulated by the responsible gaming authority in Curacao, but also by those in Austria and Greece. Due to the regulations, which apply here, the customer does not have to worry concerning rip-off or fraud.

With 1×2-bet there is not only a good sport bet offer, but also still further ranges, in order to address as large a number of customers as possible. To this for example the Casinobereich belongs, in which one can find some interesting plays. Beyond that also Pokerfreunde come here fully and completely at their expense, because here there is also its own Pokerraum. Also succeeded: Here there is also a live area where you can play with real dealers and croupiers. However, the core of this provider are the sports bets, which include some sports and also some bet types. The customer service can be likewise seen with 1×2-bet, besides the selection at deposit and payment possibilities knows to please, it offers a quantity of flexibility.

1×2-bet in the check: Fraud or respectable

In view of the fact that this offerer is already for approximately 15 years in the business, it becomes clear that one must make oneself as a customer here no worries about whether it approaches here with right things. Because if there had been irregularities in the past or present, then 1×2-bet would not have the valid licenses at its disposal. Because the controls both of the authorities from Curacao and Greece as well as those from Austria are strict, hard and do not tolerate any misconduct. Otherwise the licence would be lost and their existence lost. A renowned supplier such as 1×2-bet would not take this risk.

There are also other aspects which indicate that one is in safe and serious hands. One of them is for example the selection of the made available payment methods. Here well-known enterprises are represented such as visa, master or in addition, Neteller. These companies only work with reputable providers.

The offer at 1×2-bet

Sport is ubiquitous in this day and age. Hardly a day goes by without a major sporting event, such as an important football match, taking place somewhere. Therefore, a provider such as 1×2-bet must also ensure that the offer meets the demands of the ever-growing customer base in sports betting. A Casinobereich and a Pokerraum round thereby the offer off.


With 1×2-bet the customer finds a quantitatively not overloaded, however qualitatively convincing selection at different kinds of sport. Of course, the king of football is also in the game here. Various leagues from all over the world are represented here. For example, you can bet on games from Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador as well as competitions from European leagues in countries like Denmark, England, Germany or Belgium. What is noticeable here is that the customer can not only type games from the highest leagues. In many countries they can also bet on some subclass competitions – even games from amateur leagues appear in the betting offer. In Germany, for example, you can bet on games down to the upper league or women’s football.

However, other sports are not neglected either. Other disciplines such as basketball, baseball, tennis, ice hockey or volleyball are therefore also included in the betting range. Although the customer cannot fall back on a huge selection of “exotics” here, there are still some sports available that would otherwise not be the focus of public attention. These include cricket, rugby and Aussie Rules. These sports are particularly popular in the British region and are therefore an integral part of the offer.

Live bets

Live bets are also part of the 1×2-bet offer. These offered live bets offer the customer a special level of excitement and thrill. No miracle thus that this Bettform becomes ever more popular. Normally there are the three-way bets as standard, with which one bets on a home victory, a draw or an away victory. Live bets are a further increase of the whole because the customer is so close to the action. However, live betting is not for the undecided, as the dynamics of a game can make decisions very quickly. At 1×2-bet you can select an extra menu item. Then you are in the menu for live betting. On the left side a selection of the available sports and their games will be displayed.

Odds key

The odds key shows how high the odds are in relation to the stake. In comparison with other providers 1×2-bet can certainly keep up here and does not have to hide. Last but not least, the odds for Bundesliga matches are only slightly lower than those for other well-known providers.

betting tax

betting tax is a fee that has been due for some time for German customers. There are several ways how betting providers deal with this tax. Either they do not pass it on at all to the customer and take it over. The other possibility is the passing on of the fees to the customer – either directly with the bet employment or with the profit of a bet. The latter option would have the advantage that the customer is not asked to pay for a lost bet. With 1×2-bet, it initially looks as if the provider should not levy any betting tax. In the AGB however there is a passage, in which it says that the customer is responsible for the taxation of the proceeds from the Casino. In how far this concerns the profits from the sport bets, does not become clear from this. A clear regulation does not give it thus, so that the player must inform itself about it – approximately with the responsible tax office – whether a tax results.


Who looks around on the sides of 1×2-bet a little, that will determine that here not only the followers of sport bets come fully at their expense. The offerer has also Casinospiele in the offer, which might let the hearts of Roulette or Black Jack trailers strike surely higher. For example, there are the famous slot games. These are slot machines with several reels and symbols, which can give the player in the right constellation full winnings. The games include classic-looking slots as well as elaborately designed variants with great graphics and extensive bonus rounds. But that’s not all: Roulette is probably one of the oldest casino games and can also be found here at 1×2-bet. Videopoker ranks likewise among the offers.

Who misses here the genuine and authentic Casinofeeling a little, for that there is likewise remedy. Because with 1×2-bet also a live Casino is available. Here games such as Black Jack or Roulette with genuine Dealern and Croupiers take place. The games are transmitted via video stream and give the player the feeling of being right in the middle instead of just being there. If you like, you can even have a chat with the friendly dealers and croupiers using the integrated chat function. The live casinos enjoy ever larger popularity with the customers, since here a play experience is ordered, which comes very close to that in a material gaming house already very much.


Not only sport bets and Casino plays belong to the offer. Also the meanwhile equally popular and well-known Pokern belongs to the plays, at which the customer can enjoy itself. 1×2-bet offers its customers its own poker room. In this poker room the customer can play in different ways. They can, for example, play instant games directly in their browser or download special software. Successful: This software is also available as a download for the Mac. The players should have their bright joy on this platform, because not least the great 3D graphics increases the game fun noticeably. If you need to get a feel for poker first, you won’t be left out. Because there is also a poker school. An overview of upcoming tournaments is also offered to the customer.

Bonus for new customers

1×2-bet offers a welcome bonus of up to 1,000€ in the area of sports betting, which can be claimed by various combination bets. In the Pokerraum there is in addition still 20% weekly Rakeback bonus.

Sportwetten and Casino Bonus

On the sides of many offerers Boni for new customers are often aggressively applied, so that one cannot overlook these at all. On the sides of 1×2-bet however at least within the range of the sport bets and the Casinobereichs no references to a bonus are found. This is particularly irritating because there is a separate paragraph referring to the bonus conditions. The corresponding bonuses themselves, however, one searches in vain on the site. Naturally it can be that these Boni in irregular distances applied or the customers in likewise irregular distances by Mail go to.

Poker bonus – 20 per cent Rakeback

On the sides of 1×2-bet there is then however nevertheless a reference to at least one bonus, which is offered to the customers. This is a rakeback bonus of 20 percent. This bonus is granted to all players from all countries and paid out every 24 hours. Further information to this bonus one searches however likewise in vain on the sides.

Deposit and payout with 1×2-bet

The topic deposits and payouts is often swept a little under the carpet, is however very important regarding bet offerers. Because the deposit options specify, in which way the customer can fill its bet account. Should he then be successful with his bets and win, he would naturally also like to know how he can be paid out the winnings. With 1×2-bet the customer can fall back on some well-known faces around the topic deposits and withdrawals. For example, it is possible to top up the betting account using credit cards. The two big names in the industry, Visa and Mastercard, are available for this purpose. But not only the credit card is accepted as payment method. In today’s modern times, digital wallets are becoming increasingly important. Skrill and Neteller are among the providers that are accepted at 1×2-bet. In order for these payment methods to be used, however, the customer must have a valid account there. Also on offer: the conventional bank transfer. Please note, however, that the crediting of the transferred amount can take several days. It is also possible to use the Paysafecard. This is a prepaid card which can also be used to top up the betting account. The customer can choose between several amounts with which a Paysafecard is sold. He does not have to transfer the entire credit to his betting account, but can also do this step by step.

There are also some options for the customer when it comes to payouts. With the exception of the Paysafecard, all payment methods already introduced can be used here. The reason: The Paysafecard is only intended for filling up the competition account. However, it is not possible to pay out to this card. The Mastercard can also be used for this purpose. This is not the case with all providers, as it is not always possible to receive money with Mastercard. The well-known deposit and withdrawal methods presented here show that 1×2-bet is a reputable provider.

security and regulation

Naturally, points, security, integrity and regulation play a very important role at betting providers and online casinos. With 1×2-bet, however, the customer can breathe a sigh of relief: the provider is monitored and checked by several authorities at once. These are the authorities from Greece, Austria and Curacao. This fact ensures the security and reliability of the provider. The provider has a bookmaker licence from the Styrian provincial government, is authorised and licensed by the government of Curacao and is also licensed and regulated by the government of Greece. Fraud and rip-off have thus no chance here. The customer can calmly open an account here and go to the start.

Support and customer service

Customer service is also part of the business card of a provider. Here it depends not only on competent coworkers, who stand in the doubt with advice and act to the side, but also on a good accessibility. One can contact the team of 1×2-bet by telephone or by E-Mail. The provider himself advertises on his pages that an answer will be given within 24 hours. For the contact one can either use the form which can be seen on the side under “contact” or send an email to the address of the offerer. A Live Chat, with which questions and problems could be clarified still more easily, is unfortunately not available. But there is a very extensive FAQ area in which customers can find many answers to frequently asked questions. Under circumstances many questions are already clarified here, so that a personal establishment of contact is not necessary.

User friendliness of the web page

The web page of 1×2-bet is very easy to navigate and is limited to the substantial. There is no unnecessary bells and whistles, the customer reaches immediately the ranges, which he wants to visit. Even the menu of sports and available leagues is very well structured, so that you can quickly reach the desired bet. The same applies to the creation of a customer account, which only takes a few minutes.

Mobile App

A mobile app in the classic sense does not exist at 1×2-bet. In the App Stores you will search in vain for an appropriate application to download. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the benefits of the service on the move. The provider’s pages are optimized for access from mobile devices. It doesn’t matter which operating system you use. This means that customers who use an iOS device can be just as mobile as those who own an Android device. In addition, the separate download of such an application and the associated updates are no longer necessary.


With 1×2-bet, the customer can be sure to play with a reputable provider who has nothing to do with fraud and rip-off. This is not least ensured by the licenses and the authorities that regulate this provider. Authorities from Curacao, Austria and Greece are responsible for 1×2-bet – triple security for the customer. In addition, the range of sports betting products on offer is very attractive. Although it is not as huge as with other providers, it is well sorted. The payment methods are also sufficiently developed. The same applies to the customer support, but at least a live chat would still be good to see. Mobile play functions with a side particularly optimized for the access of appropriate terminals – completely without separate App.


I was looking for a good sports betting provider on the Internet and came across the 1×2-bet offer. I started there right away and placed bets. To my joy there are also live bets there. I am happy about the good offer.

written 38 months ago


1×2-bet is a good provider for sports betting and online casino games. I have played in the casino several times. I think the range of games is very good. A lot of slots and table games are available there. Fun factor pure.

written 36 months ago


I am a poker player and don’t want to drive to a local arcade every time. That’s why I tried 1×2-bet once – there are 3D poker. I am very impressed by the high quality.

written 36 months ago