Binary Options Broker Comparison 2019

Trading binary options is easy and promises very high returns. However, the choice of a safe and reliable broker is crucial for long-term success. We would like to support you in choosing the best broker with our independent comparison.

As the test winner, the Broker IQ Option made an excellent impression on us.

With the information from our test reports, you can avoid falling victim to a dubious broker and fraud when choosing your broker.

Risk Note: Trading binary options also involves a risk.

Beyond these brokers we also have our own tests for Binary Options Apps, Demo Accounts, Brokers with PayPal and Trading Signals and Binary Options Robots.



What are binary options Broker?

Select a broker

To find the best broker for binary options, you should consider some important criteria when selecting. With this you lay the decisive foundation for your trading success with binary options!

Important criteria

Private investors have the chance to trade options easily and simply from home via binary options Brokers. In addition to a few underlying assets, many different trading types are available to them. Trading is easy and convenient via brokers from anywhere in the world. Only condition is as stable an Internet connection as possible.

Binary options Brokers make apart from a trading platform often many further achievements available such as market reports, Webinars and personal consultation. They offer the best basis for successful trading. Newcomers and beginners should familiarize themselves with the theory in order to understand the markets. Afterwards, information on investment strategies is on the agenda. The theoretical skills should not be tested directly with money in the market. Instead, many binary options brokers offer free demo accounts with play money, which can be used to test what you have learned.

The relatively young binary options market is hotly contested. Always new brokers go to the start and try with interesting conditions and Boni new customers and customers to recruit. The competition provides for fair prices for private investors. Our broker comparison allows you to quickly find the right partner for your financial transactions. You can see at a glance where the best conditions are offered. In addition, we have of course tested all brokers for fraud!

Criteria for the Binary Options Broker Comparison

To compare the offers of different brokers is not easy. Each provider has to be examined with regard to several criteria. Test reports on the individual brokers must also be included. The focus should always be on the following aspects.

Performance comparison: Conditions and offers

Core of the binary options broker comparison is the development of the individual offers in the total. In addition the confrontation of the conditions and costs for Leistungserbringingungen comes. However, interested traders must bear in mind that brokers are in constant competition and can quickly introduce changes to services and conditions in this context. In principle, however, the test reports and experiences are an excellent basis for comparison.

Costs, fees and conditions

A trade in binary options is usually free of charge for brokers. Interesting are the trading conditions, to which also the minimum capital contribution belongs. There is always a minimum amount that must be paid on the first deposit in order to participate actively in the trade.

The minimum deposit is usually over 100 Euros. The average initial deposit is about 150 Euro. Especially for beginners this regulation is relevant, since they are usually afraid to invest enormous sums directly. Less well-known binary options Brokers demand usually deposits starting from 250 euro, which deter many potenzielle customers and customers.

In the total effect on the capital the minimum employment is crucial per option. A distinction is usually made between classic call and put options and riskier products such as high-yield options. The market average for popular and popular providers is around EUR 10 per position. Beginners cannot be recommended to make first trades with sums higher than 20 euros. With small deposits the investment capital can be fast completely exhausted, before at all sufficient experiences could be collected.

Trading opportunities: what’s on offer?

Going Binary Options Brokers on New Customer Catch they often offer innovative trading opportunities with which they can differentiate themselves from the competition. Depending upon offerer there are thus partly Tradingchancen, which are not to be found with other brokers. Criterion for the choice of a binary options broker should be the number of relevant trading opportunities. For this purpose, it must be compared how many and which types are offered.

Standard are classic call and put options. In addition, there are usually so-called one-touch options. Traders do not only have to determine the price direction. The question is whether the price has touched a certain value by the end of the term or not. This investment option is usually slightly riskier than classic options. But the returns are higher.

An increase in One Touch Options are High Yield Options. The target price is clearly above the current value, so that reaching it is relatively unlikely. Successful traders are rewarded with returns of up to 500 percent. Possible profits vary greatly from broker to broker and start at around 300 percent. For traders who would like to invest in this area, we recommend comparing the success payments in the binary options broker comparison.

Is the price moving between two values within a set corridor within a certain period of time? Such a bet is called a range option. Yields depend on the spread chosen between two prices. Classic range options offer about 90 percent return.

A look must also be taken at the short term options. 30-second trading and 60-second trading are two extremely risky investment opportunities that have little to do with chart analysis and more to do with luck. We advise against these option types.

Maximum returns in comparison

An essential aspect of the binary options broker comparison is the maximum recoverable return per trade. It is usually stated openly by the providers and usually refers to classic trading types such as call and put options. Values above 90 percent are very fair, traders should not hope for more than 93 percent. A statement of the maximum yield for other types of trading is also often pending. Here the profit chances may differ even more from broker to broker.

Number of assets and tradable values

The trading range for traders is determined by the number of underlyings in commodities, indices, equities and currencies. On average, popular brokers deliver around 100 different underlyings for classic forms of trading. More than 170 assets are an absolute exception and can be an important criterion when choosing a broker.

A beginner should also be satisfied with a few underlyings. Some currency pairs and stocks can be very exotic, so that there is insufficient information about prices and charts in the German-speaking area. To open positions there is associated with high risk and especially to avoid newcomers.

Requirements to the trading platform

Most binary options brokers now provide quite suitable trading platforms. Some software is used by several well-known and popular providers. A suitable platform should be characterised by a solid system that transmits prices in real time.

The necessary criterion for a trading platform is user-friendliness. Operation must be intuitive. A certain simplicity should be combined with various trading possibilities. At first glance, the overview of relevant values must be successful. In the best case, the trading platform is available in German.

The provision of an app is certainly attractive, but should be avoided by beginners. The ads are simply too small for sound analyses. Successful trading is usually only possible from a desktop PC.

What else is offered?

Binary options Brokers want to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide customers with functions that make them unique within the industry. The features are very differently arranged and go from regular bonus actions over competitions up to trading accounts, which correspond to the Sharia and are suitable for believing Muslims.

The classification of the traders into different account types can be observed frequently. Regular market analyses, unusual trading types and personal client advisors are often only available when the deposit exceeds a certain value. Information on these special functions is also listed in the Binary Options Broker Comparison. They are usually only interesting for experienced traders. In the beginning, the usual services are sufficient to become familiar with trading.

Is there a demo account?

Free test accounts with play money for getting to know the trading platform and the market are absolutely necessary for beginners. Experienced dealers also frequently fall back on demo accounts. They test strategies risk-free, before they use these at the genuine market. Brokers with free demo accounts are very popular. For the offerer choice their availability should be a noteworthy criterion.

Einzahlungsboni and other premiums

For registration and first deposit binary options Brokers reward their customers frequently with a bonus. Usually the deposit amount is increased by a certain percentage. With popular brokers, this is between 75 and 100 percent. Often you can see graduations, so that with small deposits also lower bonuses are paid.

Traders have to watch out for bonus conditions. They state that the bonus paid out must be wagered by a certain amount before a payout can be made. This means that it is sometimes necessary to wager a bonus amount of 300 euros, for example, 40 times in order to transfer the money to the bank account. The lower the number of conversions, the higher the chance to transfer the capital to really from the online account.

Other bonuses and bonus offers can also wait. From a certain turnover per month, for example, there are special gifts or risk-free trades. The abundance of different possibilities is very high here.

The binary options Broker choice must therefore not only pay attention to the respective deposit bonus. The conditions at which the bonus can be used play an important role. Premiums should generally not be too important a reason for the decision for or against a broker.

Educational opportunities and tips for beginners

The binary options market is still very young. All the more traders are completely new in this field and have to be present first. They must be strongly advised to learn and understand the basic system of trading binary options in theory at the beginning. Chart analyses and further methods for the evaluation of courses are important, in order to be able to use capital successfully on a long-term basis.

Professionals should also pay attention with the binary options broker comparison to the training further offers. There they find partly new information, which can improve their Trading. In addition introductions and references to new strategies are made available. In the best case these education offers are free for each Trader. Many brokers however set on graduations, so that the information is available only starting from a certain deposit amount.

Ob Webinars, information texts and current financial analyses are really sufficiently and contentwise correctly worked up cannot be said before. Here test reports help with the individual assessment. A large number of free further training possibilities speaks however in each case for a binary options Broker.

Seriosity and Trustworthiness

The audit of the company is one of the most important tasks facing the binary options broker comparison. Quite a few black sheep are cavorting in the industry and are ensuring that trust in brokers is increasingly dwindling. Before registering, it is essential to check which experiences other customers have gained and how the company behind the brand is generally evaluated.

The first indication of the seriousness of a broker is the regulatory location. Most providers have reported their headquarters in Cyprus in order to be controlled there by the Cypriot stock exchange supervisory authority CySEC. It complies with the requirements and regulations of the European Union. As a result, the company controls are the same as those of the German BaFin. Traders do not have to worry that a CySEC-regulated broker is not doing the right thing. Cyprus is very much in demand as a company headquarters due to the low taxes. Deposit protection is also important. Within the EU, up to 100,000 Euros are usually protected against the insolvency of the provider.

Test reports and experiences of other traders with the respective binary options Brokers can also help to better assess the provider. A short search in the Internet often informs and gives a comprehensive picture of the trustworthiness of a broker.

Customer support and personal support

This point is particularly crucial for beginners: does the customer service help at any time in German with all arising problems? Or are employees who speak other languages very difficult to reach? The perfect customer support should offer both live chat and contact form as well as a free service number. This allows you to contact us quickly and easily. All questions can be clarified personally.

Many customer advisors help not only with difficulties around the trading platform and the own account. They can also answer questions on content briefly, precisely and comprehensibly. Some binary options brokers have specially trained personnel who give tips for trading. Personal advisors are a considerable advantage of this provider compared to others who do not offer such a function.

What exactly to think of customer support is shown by the binary options broker comparison. A serious customer service can also be expected that the broker is also trustworthy in other respects and an investment is safe there.

Before registering with a Binary Options Broker is the comparison of individual services. A check of the trustworthiness of the provider must also be made. If all relevant criteria are examined it can finally go off with the Traden.